Psychotherapy, and Trauma treatment Zürich  Online
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Psychotherpay for adults  with problems concerning


         profession / workplace

         difficult life phase

        sexual orientation / Identity, sexual preference

         anxiety / panic attacks

         low self esteem

         symptoms of depression such as:
             sadness, exhaustion, loss of  appetite / sexual
             desire / interest / pleasure, sleeping problems,
             feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, despair,
             thoughts of suicide


 Performance and creativity enhancement with EMDR in sports, the arts, public speaking etc.

Jungian analysis and       Labyrinth a symbol  for the many ways that lead to one and the same goal.
Analysis for students of  Analytical Psychology at the International  Seminar for Analytical Psychology (ISAP) and the C. G. Jung Institute-Zürich             

Skills for increasing stress tolerance

-Language: English (native), German , Swiss dialect

 Couples counseling especially with regard to


communication problems

pregnancy issues

sexual / emotional intimacy

in gay / lesbian relationships as well as in Heterosexual relationships

Counseling in cases of  loss of employment and in financial crises

Trauma-therapy with  EMDR, Screen-Technique 
  and Ego-State Therapy

 Treatment of illnesses resulting from trauma in
 childhood and adulthood occurring for example

              sexual  and/or physical abuse, emotional abuse,
               neglect,  war / terror experiences, accidents,
               illness, loss of loved ones, mobbing, bossing
 Treatment of persistent conditions resulting from
 untreated trauma such as Complex PTSD and dissociative

Online therapy in a secure and confidential setting.  The  quality and effectiveness of which can equal or even superceed  that  of  face to face therapy.  In online therapy  I use the same techniques and protocols used in  face to face therapy. The  patient is required to secure a space in their home or office where they won’t be disturbed or overheard.  The connection is usually by way of  the ZOOM or TEAMS  app.   Of course an internet connection and notepad or laptop with video and audio are essential. Sometimes a mobile telephone may be used instead. The first session when possible is face to face in my therapy practice. On line therapy is approved by the swiss health insurance companies and is covered by the basic health insurance which is required in Switzerland.  As with face to face therapy a doctors referral is required.


What does Psychotherapy cost?

As of 1. July 2022  the cost of Psychotherapy by qualified therapists is covered by the the Swiss basic heath insurance

If you wish to pay privately, m
y fee for individual  therapy  is  Fr. 180.- per session ( 55 minutes).  A couple therapy session costs 300 Fr. and  lasts 85 minutes . It’s possible that your complimentary insurance would cover a portion of the fee.

                                           I am currently offering only online therapy .  

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