Psychotherapy, Couseling and Trauma treatment Zürich
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Psychotherpay for adults  with problems concerning


         profession / workplace

         difficult life phase

        sexual orientation /sexual preference

         anxiety / panic attacks

         low self esteem

         symptoms of depression such as:
             sadness, exhaustion, loss of  appetite / sexual
             desire / interest / pleasure, sleeping problems,
             feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, despair,
             thoughts of suicide


 Performance and creativity enhancement with EMDR in sports, the arts, public speaking etc.

Jungian analysis and       Labyrinth a symbol  for the many ways that lead to one and the same goal.
Analysis for students of  Analytical Psychology at the International  Seminar for Analytical Psychology (ISAP) and the C. G. Jung Institute-Zürich             

Skills for increasing stress tolerance

-Language: English (native), German , Swiss dialect

 Couples counseling especially with regard to


communication problems

pregnancy issues

sexual / emotional intimacy

in gay / lesbian relationships as well as in Heterosexual relationships

Counseling in cases of  loss of employment and intervention in financial crises

Trauma-therapy with  EMDR, Screen-Technique 
  and Ego-State Therapy

 Treatment of illnesses resulting from trauma in
 childhood and adulthood occurring for example

              sexual  and/or physical abuse, emotional abuse,
               neglect,  war / terror experiences, accidents,
               illness, loss of loved ones, mobbing, bossing
 Treatment of persistent conditions resulting from
 untreated trauma such as Complex PTSD and dissociative

Support in personality development
Stimulating  and supporting the development and unfolding of the personality and help in achieving personal goals that may not be associated with  psychological disturbance or with the relief of emotional suffering


What does Psychotherapy cost?
My fee for individual  therapie  is  Fr. 180.- per session ( 55 minutes).  A couple therapy session 300 Fr. and  lasts 1.5 hrs.(85 minutes)  The fee is paid by the patient, .

Insurance companies in Switzerland offer supplementary policies (called “Zusatz Versicherung”) in addition to the basic insurance.  that may pay up to 80% of the costs. The percentage covered by the Insurance varies  among the different companies. Current listing of insurance coverage:
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The patient is responsible for confirming this information with their  insurance company prior to  an enquiry  concerning  therapy.

I am unfortuntely currently not able to take  any new patients in delegated psychotherapy. The fees must be paid by the patient with help of their complementary insurance when desired.  

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